Hikes & Waterfalls

Wherever you are on Flores, you will find many wonderful available hikes or treks (daytrips or longer).

For instance, around Ende, you can climb the Gunung Meja or even up to the mountain tops further south, where the view is breath taking.

Around the “4 Trees” in Flores, there are a multitude of unusual day walks. Climb the northern hills to see the horizon and the sea as far as the eye can see, go to the village of Kass by the hills or by the mangrove. You can also go down the river on inner tubes or up it to the neighboring village of Lampung. The welcome from the locals is warm.

Four kilometers from “4 Trees”, a large bay, Labuan Kelambu, extends into the earth for nearly 3 kilometers. Its entrance, just a small strait barely 100 meters wide. The coral wall in its strait is great almost vertically. You will also discover a multitude of small deserted beaches.

16 kilometers east of “4 Trees”, a small waterfall with magical scenery, just two kilometers from the road. The waterfall has several levels, for the big shower, let's go down the staircase maintained by the residents.

On the road to Nbay-Aegela, almost halfway there, you will find a chapel. That is the place to turn to see the most beautiful waterfall on Flores . Approximately 80 meter tall and a 40 to 50 minute walk in a landscape quite varied.

Of course there are the waterfalls well known around Labuan Bajo. One is 59 kilometers away, after a short walk off track. Another is 25 kilometers away, the Cunca Wulang (the moon waterfall according to Manggarai dialect), from Labuan Bajo and about an hour away on foot.