Located in the northwest center of Flores, 4 Pohon is in the middle of a preserved natural environment. On a portion of the road that is still just dirt tracks, we feel, it feels like we are at the very end of the world.

A small sign indicates to the passing tourist, in a car or motorbike, that there is something unusual in this place: have tea, eat and perhaps find a lodging for the night. We enter through the gate into what appears to be a small village.

When we enter, we are surprised by the extent of the site, the view is unobstructed to the surrounding hills and the soil is covered in grass with beautiful stone walkways.

Banana trees, mango trees and other fruit trees have taken their place there. Inside this house which is all made of wood with a large terrace which invites us to meditate or read quietly while sipping a local drink. The house is furnished with teak imported from Jawa as well as local furniture.

Learn more about how to access the 4 trees in the “ Access“.